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Monday, September 15, 2014

Boardwalk Empire 5.2: Joe Kennedy

Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr - father of JFK, Robert F. Kennedy, Teddy, and a family of people who helped shape and change the second part of the 20th century - was something of a rogue in his younger days, mixing bootlegging and high financing to establish his economic and political fortune.  A perfect character, therefore, to be brought into Boardwalk Empire in its final season, situated, other than the flashbacks, in 1931.

We don't see all that much of Joe in episode 5.2, but there's magic in the scene between him and Nucky, when Nucky says "Mr. Kennedy".   And Nucky has a lot of other interesting things to say in this and other scenes throughout the episode.

His litany of mob bosses who have perished - including Rothstein, and, just last week, Joe Masseria - is clearly a sign of killings to come.   Maranzano, we know from history, does not have long to survive.  And, as we also know from history, Lucianio and Lansky - along with Bugsy - are solidifying their relationship, not ending it, and this new world will leave little room for the old bosses.

The same is happening in Chicago, with Capone consolidating his power.  The scene with the tailor was outstanding - Al is literally on a pedestal now, being outfitted like a king, with a retinue of jokesters.  Eli, though, is a mess, and a sour note in this whole Chicago criminal symphony.  I have to expect that his character will be given a more interesting arc in this final season.

His son - Nucky's newphew - is already undergoing a compelling progress, with one foot in a law-enforcement and the other loyal to Nucky.   Will be interesting to see where this goes.

But missing in action - as she was for most of the last season - is Margaret.   With Nucky almost killed in Cuba, and likely to spend more time up north, there are possibilities for her to get back into the story.

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