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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hell on Wheels 4.9: High Noon

One of the best things about Hell on Wheels this - it's 4th - year is the way it has retrieved so much that was great about the classic Western.  The prime example before tonight was the episode that introduced Sidney Snow - or, to be more precise, the brilliant spaghetti Western beginning of that episode.

Tonight's whole episode 4.9 was just as good, and brought back shades of High Noon to the screen.   Cullen is one man against a bunch of tough bad guys, working for the evil Campbell, and led by his new marshall, the same Sydney Snow.  The wise move would be to leave town.  But Cullen is able to put together a stunning counter-strategy that beats Snow and releases the men Cullen needs to move the railroad, including Durant.

Even Louise plays a decisive role, bedding Campbell to distract him while Cullen puts together his plan.  Given that Louise is gay, this a laudable sacrifice, indeed.  Mickey also is fabulous, getting himself nearly beaten to death to smuggle in a key to the prisoners.  Although I figured Mickey was up to something more than getting beaten, the outcome was still satisfying to see.

But I guess my favorite part was the unveiling of the gatling gun, which gave Cullen's forces the decisive and winning edge.  I was glad to see that guy with the beard - one of Campbell's henchmen - get just what he deserved.   Just the sight of his face got my blood boiling.

Season 4 continues to be the best season of Hell on Wheels - best by far, at this point.   And there's more to come, with Sydney still on the loose, and Campbell still in power back in Cheyenne.  This may take U. S. Grant to straighten it out, and I'm looking forward.

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