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Monday, September 29, 2014

Boardwalk Empire 5.4: Margaret and Nucky

Margaret and Nucky were back together again in Boardwalk Empire 5.4 - at least, partially - and it made for one of most endearing episodes in years.   There's been a vacuum on the show and in Nucky's life since the two split several seasons ago, and it was good to finally have an episode that featured the two of them, and what is left of their relationship.

On the one hand, it's not much.  Nucky declines Margaret's subtly delivered offer to spend the night together.   Why?  Whether it's because Nucky doesn't fully trust Margaret, or he's being loyal to Sally - who, unbeknownst to Nucky, is being shot to death in Cuba that very night - or he's just not interested in sex this evening is not clear.  But it does suggest that this is the end of the story, given that we're already half-way through this final season.

On the other hand, the two of them together, even at this late juncture, veritably light up the screen. Nucky was and still is Margaret's great educator in the ways of successful life.  And Margaret is the love of Nucky's life, the mother of Nucky's only children, though they're not Nucky's.  If his heart is still too broken to take her back now, even for one night, that just shows how deeply he cared and still cares for her.

Meanwhile, we got a good Chicago story last night, too.  Al continues his patented mix of criminal savvy, quest for fame as well as power, and point-blank psychopathology.   Van Alden's days are likely numbered now, given the aftermath of his narrow escape from Lucky's outing of him.  Frankly, I won't be sorry to see this guy go - in his own way, he's as much a psycho as Al Capone, but with no sense of humor or sicko joie de vivre.

Boardwalk Empire in its final season has become like a short glass of the finest brandy, in which every drop is to be savored.

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