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Monday, September 1, 2014

Falling Skies Season 4 Finale: Self-Sacrifice and Redemption

Well, although the two-hour Falling Skies Season 4 finale contained an all-too-obvious long dream sequence in the first hour, it nonetheless concluded with a pretty effective and emotionally moving series of events.

Tom struggles to forgive and trust Lexi for much of the finale, which makes her self-sacrificial destruction of the Espheni moonbase especially effective. His spinning out into space after the moonbase explodes - a needle in an ocean, as one of our heroes back on Earth observes - is a good way to conclude that part of this season's story, with the dessert of Tom finding some kind of alien breathtakingly beautiful a nice touch, too.

But, actually, I thought the best part of the finale was the paralyzing vapor with serpent attack back on Earth, and how our people coped with it.  Well, most of that, anyway.  Pope, unfortunately, has been reduced to comic relief, which makes him far less interesting than when he was something of a genuine threat.

But Weaver and Matt were good, as they've been most of the season, and Anne put in a good couple of flaming moments, too.   It was also encouraging to see Ben and Maggie using their superior powers and connection to save Hal, and the three of them then working together.  Tom would have been proud.

But Tom is apparently the furthest he's been from Earth and his family, and it will be interesting in the next and final season to see how he gets back.   It looks pretty definite, though you never know with science fiction television, that Lexi will be gone.  And that's kind of ironic.  She spent most of the season being one of the most irritating characters on the show, only to become a pretty convincing heroine in the end, to the point of sacrificing her life for the greater cause, and making all of us miss her.

And I'll be back with reviews of the final season of Falling Skies in 2015.

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