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Monday, August 27, 2018

The Foreigner: Rumble, Bond, and Remington

I reviewed the movie I saw on the plane out to Pasadena for the Mars Society Conference the other day.   Only fair that I review the movie I saw coming back.  Even if that isn't fair, there is at least one very good aspect of the movie.   I'd therefore recommend it, if you'd think you'd find that aspect as appealing as I did.

The two stars of the movie, Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, are no youngsters.   And they play their parts perfectly: oldsters who still have all their smarts and most of their moves from their younger days.

Chan is the devastated father of a daughter killed by terrorists in the U. K.  He's determined to find and punish her killers.  Since he's a lot like an older Bruce Lee, he has the smarts and moves to do this, though he's a little creaky.

Brosnan is a former IRA terrorist now in some pretty high-up government position.  Chan thinks he knows who the killer are, since Brosnan is in charge of the investigation.  In a classic James Bond opening, we first see him in bed with a woman who isn't his wife.  Well, Bond isn't married for most of his exploits but you get what I mean.   And it turns out that the woman is one of the bad guys - bad people - bad because her group has big connection to the terrorists who killed Chan's daughter.

There are good fight and action scenes, and even some surprises in this well-worn kind of story. If anything, Chan is better than he ever was.  And this is best I've seen Brosnan since Bond and  Remington Steele.  So if you like this kind of movie, see it.  You won't be disappointed.


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