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Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Sinner 2.1: The Boy

Great to see The Sinner begin its second season on the USA Network - for me, tonight, just a few minutes after my wife and I binge watched the first season on Netflix, which we thought was outstanding.  It's of course too soon to tell if the second season will be as brilliant and transfixing as the first, but it looks to have most of the ingredients.

Cora's case is over.  The perpetrator this time - presumably - is a 13-year old boy, who poisons his parents to death.   I say "presumably" because, unlike in the first season, we didn't actually see the act - the boy putting the poison in the tea he brought his parents - as we did with Cora stabbing Frank on the beach in the first season.  But the kid sure looks guilty.  He brought them the tea, and (so far) we know of no one who might have put in the poison without his knowledge.

And I guess you could also say "presumably" about the victims being his parents.  We know he was on some sort of religious commune, and it's likely that his parents took him away from that.  But, for all we know, his real mother is back on the commune, and the victims were not his parents.  A woman shows up at the end and says she's the boy's mother.

Fortunately, Harry's back on the case.  He's the essence of the series.  And, fortunately for the narrative, the double murder has taken place in his home town, affording him and us a chance to see what it was back then that deformed his childhood, and therein the rest of his life.

I'm very much looking to seeing and reviewing the rest of this season.

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