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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Sinner 2.2: Heather's Story

The second episode of the second season of The Sinner, just on tonight, was mostly devoted to Heather.  She's Harry's de facto partner in the investigation.  And tonight we learn that, just as Harry has a strange past barely revealed, so does Heather - and hers concerns Mosswood Grove, the commune in which Julian, his mother, and the couple he (presumably) killed all lived.

We find that Heather had a friend who disappeared in some way on the commune.  More than that, her friend was her lover - or, at least, they were romantically involved - and her friend was clearly attracted to one of the men on the commune.  Beyond that ... who knows ... other than something likely no good happened to the friend.  And while we're at it, we don't know how much or what Heather knows about happened to her friends.  That's the way The Sinner rolls - doling out the bare necessity of information, which makes the narrative even more appealing.

Harry has a good conversation with Julian.  Conversation is Harry's strong suit.  He learns from every sentence, every facial expression of the person he's talking to.   In the first season, Cora mostly wanted his help.   Julian isn't there yet.  But I'm guessing at some point Harry will get through to him.

Julian's mother seems the likely villain at this point, but, knowing The Sinner, it just can't be as simple as that.  Is she really in or out of command in Mosswood, despite the impression she gives of being in control?  And, if so, who then - what person or group - is really calling the shots?

However well disguised that is, we can count on Harry to unravel it, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he does it.

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