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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Sinner 2.3: Julian's Mother

An excellent episode 2.3 of The Sinner tonight - continuing to present the exploits of one of the most humanely compelling detectives ever on television: Harry Ambrose.

But the biggest detective scoop tonight comes from his de facto partner, Heather Novack, who discovers that Julian's mother is none other than Heather's missing lover of 12 years ago, Marin.   We also learn in this extended packet of information that Marin is not necessarily dead.  She's just missing.

The important development comes at the very end, when the doctor who signed Julian's birth certificate takes his own life in the present, rather than continue the interview by Harry and Heather.  That's because he's a member of the Mosswood cult (by the way, does that head in the stone carving look a little like George Washington in profile, or is that just me?)

Meanwhile, Harry continues to provide an appealing combination of smarts and empathy - for Julian and Heather, if not so much himself.  It was therefore good to see him cross paths with a love interest from his youth, who reveals to us that he's now divorced (good).   This provides at least the hope of his having a healthy romantic relationship with someone.  (On that account, it's worth noting that we haven't seen Harry go for that dominatrix stuff that dominated the first season.)

Looking forward to the next episode - when, with any luck, Harry and we will find more evidence that what Julian did was justifiable homicide.

And before I go - good to see Logan Crawford at the beginning, playing a reporter, which he frequently does - in addition to being an actual news guy and anchor in real life.  Here's a clip of Crawford on The Fresh Outlook interviewing me and another panelist a few years ago about Hurricane Katrina 10 years later, Facebook, and other stories:

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