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Monday, October 22, 2018

Manifest 1.5: "It's All Connected"

Finally, a glimmer of progress in understanding what is going on in Manifest - in tonight's episode 1.5 - just a glimmer.

It comes from Cal, who becomes the first of the passengers on the flight that skipped ahead in time to not hear an instructive voice, but be the speaker of that voice.  His father Ben is the one who hears it.

The voice says "It's all connected".   Ben first hears the voice, several times, and then hears Cal say it after he leads them on a wild little run through a New York City subway station.  Well, everyone knows that our subway system here in New York is all connected.  But there's much more to this statement, which could become the "save the cheerleader" of Manifest.

Because, at the end of the episode, we see Cal awake when his family and everyone around him on the plane are sound asleep.  And he looks out the window, looks into the shimmer that's out there, and again says "It's all connected".  Actually, not again, but the first time.  And then cut to black, or, at least, the credits or whatever ends the episode.

So this means that Cal has seen something of what is really going on - what it was that took the plane to the future - and his description of it, is "It's all connected".  Not only that.  The phrase is his first description, and also his continuing description.

That strikes me as pretty important, though I still haven't more than clue as to what's going on.  But it's a spark and a start.

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