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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Romanoffs 1.4: Expectation: Unfulfilled

I thought The Romanoffs 1.4:  Expectation, on Amazon Prime this past Friday night had great dialogue, tip-top New York scenery, and fine acting.  But the weakness of its plot, and the in-media-res ending made it feel like much ado about nothing, and thus the weakest of the four episodes so far.

I liked the slight connection to 1.3.  It was fun getting to meet the guy who wrote the script of the television series about the Romanovs that lead to the death of its prime actress last week.  As always, John Slattery gave a good performance.  So did the other Jon - Tenney - as the assumed grandparent of the Romanov heir, when Slattery's character was the real one.  But that's pretty much the long and the short of this little story.

Well, Olivia's struggles were of some interest, too.  But the way the story was told in flashbacks, which works when the plot structure is strong, didn't in this frozen-in-time photograph in slight motion.   Not to mention that we didn't even get the payoff of seeing the baby born, and the reactions of all the characters.

Not to make too much of the title - which works as a double entendre - but I was expecting a little more in this episode.   As I said in my review of the first episode, there's a lot in The Romanoffs that reminds me of Woody Allen.   Expectation shows that that's a two-edged sword.  Because, although some of Allen's movies are brilliant, some are just great dialogue, scenery, and acting, which, without a commensurately strong plot, don't add up to anything close to great.

But I'll be back here next week with a review of episode 5.

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