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Monday, October 29, 2018

Ray Donovan 6.1: The New Friend

Ray Donovan returned for its sixth season last night, with Ray in New York, and fished out of the river, alive and punching, by a New York cop.   That's not too surprising - no one at all expected Ray to die - but what is of note is how quickly in the hour and the passage of narrative time Ray and Officer Sean ‘Mac’ McGrath become friends and allies.

He's well played - no, perfectly played - by Domenick Lombardozzi, whom I first remember seeing on The Wire.  Hey, it becomes increasingly apparent, year after year, that there were no actors on the The Wire who weren't and aren't superb at their craft.  (Well, the "were" part was clear to anyone who saw The Wire).   If you think about how many subsequent TV series The Wired alum have lit - The Affair, Fringe, etc - not to mention Idris Elba's career as a movie as television actor (his Stringer Bell on The Wire will always be one of all-time most brilliant characters) - The Wired almost seems like the launching pad for at least the subsequent decade and more on the screen.

But back to Ray: he's quieter, more introspective, and I'd say more interesting in New York than he was in Los Angeles.  When he declines Lena's invitation to come back with her to L.A., it's no surprise, and that's not just because he associates L.A. with Abby.   He's like a fish in water in New York, though maybe that's not to best metaphor giving his dive into the water, which he correctly insists was not an attempt at suicide but just following his hallucination of Abby.

Ray in New York is far less connected to his family than he was in Los Angeles, though that may change.   Not only is Lena out of daily sight, but so are Ray's brothers (his kids were already scarce). Mickey's in prison, so he's in his own world, anyway, but the coming attractions show that will change, too.   But for now, Ray has no one in New York that he can trust at all or bond with, which makes Mac all the more important - more important than a replacement for Avi, though that would be pretty important in and of itself.

I'm very much looking forward to this new locale and season.

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