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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mayans M. C. 1.7: The Conversation

An excellent episode 1.7 of Mayans M. C. last night, the most significant part of which, I thought, was a conversation between "Felipe" (in quotes because it's not his real name) and "Adelita" (not her real name, either) who comes to kill him.  (Last week's episode 1.6 was outstanding, too, but I didn't have a chance to review it.  Please don't tell the Club.)

Back to Adelita and Felipe, she comes to kill him on a mission of revenge, to kill the traitor who sold out her father, resulting in his murder and along Adelita's mother and brother.   Felipe sets her straight.  He was her father's partner.   But there was a third partner, and he was the one who sold Adelita's father out.   The conversation ends with the two of them pledging to pool their resources.  This could be the most important new alliance so far in Mayans M. C.   And the mixing of prior and current generations and secrets revealed is consistent with the motif of Sons.

As a result of this new alliance, Galinda and his son are released, and the family is joyfully reunited.  But their joy is short lived.  Lincoln Potter and his team descend upon the Galindas like a nest of angry hornets, and the episode ends with Galinda in far worse shape than he was in the Mexican prison.

This is also consistent with what was so compelling in Sons of Anarchy: our heroes (or anti-heroes, and heroines) never run out of mortal enemies.  They come from rivals, from presumed and/or former friends and allies, from family, from the past, and of course from the law itself.  This means that every one of our characters is in a state of perpetual jeopardy.  The only way you can be liberated from that - other than being killed - is to leave the area, as some main characters did in Sons, especially at the end.   But it doesn't look like anyone is about to do that in Mayans, which means we're in for some pretty powerful viewing in the episodes and seasons ahead.

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