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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Deuce 2.9: Armand, Southern Accents, and an Ending

Great penultimate episode of this season's The Deuce last night (2.8 of 2.9), which had at least three outstanding scenes -

  • Armand Assante's cameo as Vincent and Frankie's father was as sharp a few minutes as I've seen so far on the series.  With his long, slightly unkempt hair, not to mention his tough but caring fatherly attitude, Assante was reminiscent of, yes, Brando in The Godfather, just sayin'.
  • And speaking of dropping final "g"s,  Larry's little speech on the set, the latest in his standing up for actors (also reminiscent of what Brando did), was just right.  He wants to speak English in this Little Red Riding Hood like a 1970s New Yorker, not like a slave on some plantation.  Significantly, Candy wasn't there.  I bet she would have agreed with Larry.
  • But what CC got from Bobby and Frankie was the pay-off:  after what he did and has been doing to Lori, who could say that he didn't deserve it? And the line about his being murdered gets the prize for the best of the hour.
The Deuce has really found its footing this season.   It has far more surprises than the first season, and delves far more deeply in societal norms on the street and beyond.   Next week is the season finale - of just nine episodes, as I mentioned above.  Why and how it was decided to limit this season to just 9 episodes, rather than at least an even 10, or even 12, is beyond me.

But hey, it could have been an even eight, and I'll be watching the finale next week.

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