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Monday, May 13, 2019

Killing Eve 2.6: Billie

Hey, I've been so caught up in Game of Thrones - reviewing and thinking about this finale season - that I see I've been remiss in reviewing Killing Eve.  But there are only two episodes left after tonight's this season, and tonight's was one of the best, so ...

Great new persona for Villanelle - Billie - working for Eve and the Brits, so she had to be something special and she is.  Billie has a passable American accent (about 80-90% right, I'd say), and her job is to get the goods on Aaron Peel, a British Mark Zuckerberg, if you get the picture. (Perfect timing, by the way - I checked the credits to see if Chris Hughes was a special consultant.)  Billie's accent isn't totally on key, but her killing instinct is, and in a scene that reminds Eve and us what we're dealing with, she hugs one of the women from her therapy group, on the sidewalk, and then throws her under a passing vehicle.   Villanelle hasn't lost her touch.

Eve hasn't either.  After her husband leaves her - I never liked him, anyway - she does a little spying on him, of course.  Turns out the reason he gave for leaving her - he can't take her dishonesty about her job, etc - was a lie.   The reason was the much more mundane he's having an affair.  And when Eve confronts the woman with Eve's husband, Eve gets off the best line in the episode, which serves as the title of the episode, "I Hope You Like Missionary!" It's great line, typifying the sharp repartee of the series.  I would've used it as the title for this review, but I like my titles to be a little different from the official titles of the episode.

The other significant exchange in tonight's hour was Villanelle telling Eve to back off with her criticism, advising "I don't like you that much," or words that effect (I'm not in the mood to look back it).  That gives us an important indication of the limits of Villanelle's infatuation with Eve.

Next week is the series finale of Game of Thrones, so who knows what I'll be doing with Eve.  But I'll definitely be here with a review the week after, and, who knows, maybe next week after all.

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