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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Enemy Within Season 1 Finale: The Crucial Lie

I thought The Enemy Within season 1 finale, on earlier tonight, kept true to all of its bases and then some.

Shepherd turned out to be loyal to her single-minded goal of killing Tal.  She does this by giving Tal some crucial information (which doesn't ultimately get in the way of the FBI's preventing a massacre of CIA brass) and by shooting Keaton (to make it look for a moment like she killed him, even though the bullet would cause no lasting damage).  And [spoilers ahead] she indeed kills Tal in the end.

But Tal tells her something before she kills him - about a very high-level operative in U. S. Intelligence - and Shepherd lies by omission in a subsequent conversation with Keaton, when he asks her if she learned anything from Tal that Keaton needs to know, and Shepherd declines to reveal what Tal told her about the U. S. operative.

That lie is crucial.   Shepherd, on her way to being under lock and key again, needs something she can use for advantage with Keaton.  That's the formula, after all, that worked so well, this year.  And, by the way, I think it did work well.   The fate of this series is still unknown.  But Shepherd's lie of omission to Keaton sets up a second season perfectly.   The two will hunt the high-level traitor in the U. S. with Shepherd behind bars when she's not out working with Keaton, but Shepherd is in possession of some crucial information unknown to Keaton.

I should also mention that I thought the action tonight was top drawer.  Two desperate operations in two different places, with bullets flying galore.   The storyline always veers close to credibility, which is just the way it should be.  I hope to see more.

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