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Monday, December 16, 2019

Watchmen Season 1 Finale: "So I Suppose the FBI's Gonna Arrest the President"

That was certainly the most relevant line in the Season 1 finale of Watchmen on HBO tonight - "So I suppose the FBI's gonna arrest the President?"  If somehow you don't know why, I suppose you might've been living on one of Jupiter's moons for the last number of years or so, too.

As it was, that line was spoken by Adrian Veidt, back on Earth, just before someone hit him over the head to shut him up, on grounds that he talked too much.  A dumb conclusion to what otherwise was the best night Veidt had on this series.  Also, although there was a cool picture in the newspaper of President Robert Redford, I'd have preferred to see the real Redford in the flesh, or maybe the digital pixels, or whatever they are, on this season finale.  Did they even offer him that part?

And yeah, the ending was good, but I'd much rather have heard John Lennon singing "I Am the Walrus," talking about originals.  But the egg scene was done very well done.  Starting with the literal eggs broken on the floor as an exemplification of the words of another Lenin - V. I. - who alas got no credit for those words in this alternate reality, maybe because Lenin, if he even existed, in this reality never said anything like if if you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs.  (Or maybe continuity was too lazy to check that out?)

But the ambiguity of the very very ending, with no indication of whether Angela actually walked on water or not, was the right way to go.  Because ... of course she walked on the water.  We didn't have to see it to know that's what happened.  Not only because why else would she have found that egg intact on the floor, after her husband had told her years earlier about eggs, and, we want to see a second season with Angela in super power form.

Which I'll likely watch.

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