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Monday, December 2, 2019

Prodigal Son 1.10: The Reward

Prodigal Son 1.10 - the Fall finale - just on Fox TV tonight was good and atmospheric, with a potent mix of Christmas cheer and horror, even though it didn't move the story forward very much.

Probably the biggest piece of news, in the long run, is that Bright's mother Jessica is offering the public a big reward for anyone who can find out more about her husband's final victim.  When the series returns in January, that offering should lead to all kinds of provocative stories as people who want to claim the reward come out of the woodwork and do their own sleuthing or lying.

The other step forward is a little more information about the Junkyard Killer.  He has a psycho grandmother.  Ok.  He also looks a lot like Martin Whitley.  Is Whitley indeed the Junkyard Killer?  No, he's in shackles behind bars.  So why does he look like his mentor?  I guess he grew similar facial hair to emulate Dr. Whitley.   Whatever is going on, whatever the Junkyard Killer's true identity, there's a lot more connection between him and Dr. Whitley than we now know.

I was glad to see the FBI brought into this episode.  Do we know if any of Martin Whitly's victims were from out of state?  If  so, then the FBI would have a vested interest in this case.   We know that it's already on their radar.   In fact, they were involved in tonight's episode because they're already hunting for the Junkyard Killer.

So, as head into the Christmas break, there are a lot of ingredients on the kitchen table for this odd and pretty interesting, often compelling network drama.  I'll definitely be back in January with reports on how it goes.

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