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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Ray Donovan 7.3: "The Air that I Breathe"

An excellent, even memorable Ray Donovan 7.3, seen a few hours early, courtesy of Showtime On Demand.

At least three major stories were wrapped up, or almost wrapped up, giving this episode the feeling of a season finale.  Lena's going to LA may well be permanent, or at least for the rest of this season (The L-Word, where  Katherine Moennig has a more major role than on Ray, is coming back on Showtime in 2020).  I'll miss her on Ray Donovan, where she was always a combination of the voice of reason and a woman of cool, effective action.  Mickey being sent off by Ray to the Maldives is likely less permanent.  My guess is he'll be out of the story for at least a few episodes.  But it looks as if the police investigation into the severed head is shutdown and over, despite the tenacity of the detective.

My favorite scene, by far, was Bridget singing the Hollies's "The Air that I Breathe".  Kerris Dorsey (or whoever it was who was singing - I hope it's Dorsey) has a really nice voice, and she delivered the first part of the song (all she sang) very effectively.  It served as a perfect prelude to her sleeping with Adam.   I think Smitty's a pretty good character, but I wouldn't mind Bridget moving on.  She after all did marry Smitty for the wrong reasons.

Storylines I didn't particularly like at all were Bunchy's and, even more so, Terry's.  I think Terry is too strong a character to waist on this new-age medical mystical business.   As for Bunch, I know that it's deeply written into his character that he's always the victim, but that's getting a little tedious already.  I'm hoping that he, with or without Ray's help, can turn this completely around - soon - and get into a newer kind of story.

As for Ray, his powerful opponent has now settled into the Mayor.  With any luck, he'll have Molly Sullivan by his side and in bed to give him support.

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