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Monday, May 17, 2021

The Mosquito Coast 1.4: Charlie and the Gun

I thought the most significant part of The Mosquito Coast 1.4 on Apple TV+ was Charlie and his hand on the gun.

He came very close to using it in defense of his father.  His family doesn't yet know about it.  But there's no doubt that, with this much attention given to Charlie and his gun, that it's going to play a major part in the narrative, likely sooner than later (again, I haven't read the novel nor seen the 1980s movie).

The Mosquito Coast is already about the Fox family, mainly the two kids, coming of age.  After all this time,  they don't know what their father did that put them on the run.  For that matter, neither do we the audience.   And it's just a matter a time, too, that we and they find out what Allie did.

He continues to be a blend of incredible MacGyver-esque savvy and almost a naivety about the evil in this world.   He continues to provoke, wittingly and unwittingly, everyone he comes in contact with.  And he continues to be unable to unify his family, in fact often doing things that sow more dissention.

In fact, if you think about it, the ultimate threat to the Foxes comes from Allie himself, and his barely successful attempt to keep the truth from from his children.  Although they face deadly enemies on every leg of their journey -- ranging from American racists on our side of the border, to a Mexican aristocratic family on the other side who would kill you if you posed the slightest potential problem -- the ultimate threat to the Foxes comes from the Foxes themselves.

Margot could be a mediating figure, but so far she's just managed to keep the lid on.  Dina continues to demand answers.   And Charlie has his gun.

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