Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Debris 1.11: Connections

I didn't get a chance to review last week's episode of Debris -- 1.10 -- who knows, maybe I came into contact with some Debris on this side of the screen and I lost some time.  It was the second part of a two-episode story about Debris triggering alternate realities, and Bryan was caught in one, desperate to get out. Here's my review, now: It was an excellent episode, until the end, in which Bryan does get out.  Not that I wanted to see him stuck there.  But I thought he got out a little too easily.

Tonight's episode 1.11 didn't make things easy for Bryan at all.  A woman near some Debris knows about Bryan's past -- about events only he would have known, from when he was serving in Afghanistan.  Finola figures out that when Bryan was cloned in Pennsylvania a few episodes back, the Debris kept a part of him, at very least some or all of his memories.  And this woman who knows things that only Bryan knew had some into contact with some Debris, and picked up Bryan's memories from that piece of Debris.

It's a nice, original premise for an episode.   And it made me realize even more vividly that Debris is actually an anthology series, a compilation of all kinds of science fiction tropes, common and rare, all injected into Earth and humanity via the Debris.  The only problem with this, at least so far, is that all the episodes are pretty much equidistant from the Debris, in the sense that none of them are telling us what the story behind the Debris and their interstellar artifacts really are.   Isn't anyone on Earth devoted to investigating that?  Or are they just running from one report of Debris to another?

But perhaps some good news on that score at the end of this episode.  Finola has access to the Legari files.  And it looks as if all of this is connected to some kind of Native American event or legend.

See you here next week.

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