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Monday, May 3, 2021

The Nevers 1.4: Who Needs to be Found?

So, who was Mary singing about?  Who needs to be found in the darkness, as the translation of Mary's last song, her interrupted song, calls out for at the end of last night's episode 1.4.

I'll hazard a guess and say it's Maladie.  There's goodness buried inside her depravity or darkness, and that's what Mary was singing out about needing to be found.  But that raises another crucial question.

Are the "Turns" inherently good, unless something happens to their possessors to turn the Turns into vehicles of evil?  This notion of superpower, which is basically good, unless and until perverted, is fundamental to science fantasy.  In effect, the Force in Star Wars, which is futuristic outer space science fantasy, is an example of a single Turn used in multiple ways that span good to evil.

And, actually, the deepest most incorrigible evils in The Nevers seem to reside in the Turnless, soulless humans who want to stamp out those who have Turns.  Indeed, the only really good Turnless human I can think of is Mundi, and I'm suspecting he may have some kind of hidden Turn, too, that perhaps he is unaware of.  Ok, I guess Hugo is good and Turnless, too, but so far he's been a largely inconsequential character, whose main job is (non-magical) charm and comic relief.

To get back to the initial question, the other possible person Mary that could have singing of, waiting to be found in the darkness, could be someone who is blind.  I can't think of any major character off-hand who fits that bill, but Maladie did leave a message, "Look not to Heaven Lest You blind God."

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