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Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Mosquito Coast 1.6: What Kind of Brother?

An action-packed penultimate episode 1.6 of The Mosquito Coast up on Apple TV+ yesterday, with [spoilers ahead]

Bill Lee killing Agent Voorhees and one of his little helpers killing Agent Jones.   I liked both of them, they were quirky characters, but the shoot-out and knifing made for a momentous scene, replete with Lee softly complementing his little assistant, after the kid knifes Jones, "muy bueno".  

It was also good to see Margot pushing back on Allie as much as we've seen her do that in this series so far.   But of course she doesn't leave him, because she understands that the two of them together are the best way to protect their kids.  And, also, deep down, she really does love Allie.

Dina's memory raises an intriguing point in this episode.  She recalls her father "bringing" Charlie as a baby to her -- introducing her to her baby brother -- but she has no recollection of Margot being pregnant.  That in turn could mean that Charlie is her half brother, or not her brother at all.  If the latter, where did Charlie come from?  Other than Dina's memory, everything points to Charlie being a half brother if not a full brother.  Certainly Allie and Margot treat him the same as Dina -- a beloved child they would do anything to save.

Next week we'll see the final episode of this season of The Mosquito Coast.  That's a short series season indeed -- seven episodes -- and we've yet to know if the series has been renewed for a second season.  I'm very much hoping that it is.  It's a fast-paced, off-beat narrative, with original characters in compelling places and situations, and that will make for a good continuing story.

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