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Monday, May 24, 2021

Debris Season One Finale: Fringe with a Vengeance

Well, I and many others have been saying how reminiscent Debris is of Fringe, and sure enough, in tonight's season one finale, John Noble shows up as maybe the head of Influx, certainly at least a little higher than Anson and Finola's father.   In any case, Noble's Otto is a lot meaner than Walter Bishop, and very likely doesn't have a cow that gives milk in his lab.  (Just dawned on me that maybe Devin Nunes has some connection to all of this?)

We'll no doubt be seeing more of Otto in season two, if there is such a season, which we don't yet know.  And there were lots of other promising developments in tonight's finale.  Finola's father is totally in with Influx.   Bryan had some very early encounter with Debris, and he's been taking injections to ward off possible ill effects, which is exactly what happened tonight.  And in the last minute or so of this episode, we see a clone or whatever in the works for and of Finola.

I'm still very partial not only to the show, but the Influx credo which Finola's father again eloquently intoned tonight: let the people not their governments decide what to do with the interstellar tech that has fallen to Earth.   As I mentioned in a review of an earlier episode, I made essentially the same point at 1min24secs to 1min47secs in this 2010 interview on the History Channel:

But I do think Debris has been too diffuse this season, too slow to get to the punchline, though all of this took a sharp turn for the better with the two-part alternate reality episode a few weeks back.  I say, give Debris another season to find its pace.  Extraterrestrial technology is a hugely suggestive tableau, and I'd like to see another season of it realized.

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