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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

"It's Real Life": New Alternate History Story, FREE

Here's a new story, started a while ago, finished the other day under the inspiration of Peter Jackson's splendid The Beatles: Gat Back movie.  Read it for FREE, any time: "It's Real Life" -- an alternate history tale about The Beatles.

Poets, musicians, and critics are saying ... 

  • "Just read this alternate history on the Beatles. Cool stuff. I want to check out those tunnels and find the reality where they never broke up." -- Joel McKinnon, Seldon Crisis
  • "'The question was, how could he get back to the world he knew?' By the power of creativity of course. This story reminded me of the short dark and a bit surreal stories of Edgar Allan Poe. I really enjoyed this story." -- Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Trupa Trupa
  • "Clever and fun. Love the slide into alternity — with a deft little nod to Poe. The sense of New York comes through front and center. Love the Conrail detail. And is that a hat tip to TZ’s “Willoughby”? Why yes, I think it is." -- John McDaid

And here's a video from two years and a half years ago, where I read the very beginning of "It's Real Life" at Readercon, a science fiction convention in Braintree, MA:

And if you'd like a very inexpensive copy of this story on Kindle:

It's Real Life

Here are my reviews of Peter Jackson's The Beatles: Get Back

Here is a letter I wrote and had published in The Village Voice in defense of Paul McCartney back in 1971:  "A Vote for McCartney"

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