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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Dexter: New Blood 1.9: One Down, One to Go

Well, another heart in your throat episode of Dexter: New Blood -- 1.9 -- which ties up one big package and leaves open another.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Kurt was savage, cunning, pouncing without fear, but no match for Dexter.  Especially because Dexter is now enhanced with the relief of telling Harrison everything.  Including what Deb (her voice inside Dexter) pleaded with Dexter not to do: tell Harrison that the way Dexter made sure that the psychos he killed didn't do anymore harm was, well, to kill them.

So Dexter and Harrison are good.  Not so much Angela, who now has even more evidence that Dexter was the Bay City Butcher.  As I said last week, this puts Dexter into an impossible position.  He's certainly not going to kill Angela.  Will he let her put him in prison?  That would leave Harrison unprotected.  But that would still be preferable to killing Angela.

A lot of what we'll see next week in the finale depends, I guess, on whether this is a series or a season finale.  And at this point, Showtime is saying they just don't know.  I'm hoping, obviously, that the series continues.  (Obvious, if you've read my prior reviews, and see how much I admire this reboot.)  My guess is Michael C. Hall and Jack Alcott feel that way, too.  And I think I saw somewhere that creator Clyde Phillips might be open to that, as well.

I'll be back here next week after I see the finale, and see how that may put in a foundation for at least another season of this unique and brilliant series.

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