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Friday, January 14, 2022

Ray Donovan: The Movie: Just Deserts, Real and Imaginary

Well, I really enjoyed Ray Donovan: The Movie, even though I guessed the ending about halfway into the 1 hour and 41 minute film.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

What I guessed, as soon as Bridget started driving up to Boston, was that she was going to kill Mick, and Ray was going to take the rap.  That was a completely logical and even satisfying development.

Meanwhile, it was good to see exactly how Mick ended up going to jail for so long, for most of his adult life.  Ray framing him, not for something that Ray did, but for something someone else did, not to get that guy off the hook, but to get Mick out of his life. That puts Mick in a completely different, more sympathetic light.

It was also satisfying to see how Mick, with all of his flaws, still very much loved his son, up until the very end.  That was one complex family brought to us over the seasons and in this finale movie.  Bunch ended up with the best deal -- maybe a chance to set things right with Teresa and their child.  Terry wound up with a very sad deal: having a big delicious dinner he prepared with an imaginary family -- his family, but all in his head.

I guess they all had luck, those who survived, by the very fact that they did survive.  I have no idea what growing up in Boston was really like -- I grew up in the Bronx -- but, yeah, it sure wasn't easy for these people.  It left permanent scars of the soul, and they played out over these many seasons and this powerful finale which I'm glad Showtime allowed after cutting off the last season in the wrong place.

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