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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Invasion 2.2: Jamila and Trevante

Episode 2.2 of Invasion had two good, non-intersecting stories about Jamila in the UK and Trevante in the USA.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

I thought Jamila's story was tighter at this point than Trevante's.  She's determined to find Casper. She knows he has some sort of mental connection and control over the invaders.  She feels she's been in some sort of touch with him.  She joins up with the two of the young gents from last season, picks up another other guy and his young sister, and they're off to Paris, where she has reason to believe Casper may be, and the newbies say their parents have a flat.  The makings of a good story.

Trevante's starts off a little lamely.  He saves his young nephew, who jumps into the deep end of a pool, and screams at him after he's out of the water and awake.  Trevante's sister is so furious at him for screaming at the kid that she throws Trevante out of the house.  Does that make sense?  She wouldn't be happy about Trevante screaming at her son, true, but where's her gratitude for Trevante saving the boy's life?

Fortunately, Trevante finds a better reason to leave Florida -- he finds there's some kind of invader activity in Oklahoma.  At this point, his story gets back on track, as he maneuvers his way to getting where he wants to go, and gets put behind bars for his effort.

In both cases -- Jamila's and Trevante's -- the authorities and their military and police are worse than useless. getting in the way of our heroes, obstructing their worthy actions, at every turn.  This is an old story in science fiction, but one which alas seems ever reasonable.   See what I said about governments and invaders from space on Ancient Alien (at 1 min 23 seconds in the video) 13 years ago:

And I'll be back here next week with something to say about the next episode of Invasion.

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