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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Invasion 1.4: Three Out of Four

A good fourth episode of Invasion on Apple TV+, with no breakthrough events, but solid developments in three of the four areas of Earth under attack.

My favorite was in the New York area, and not because I live there.  We already knew that Luke -- Aneesha and Ahmed's boy -- has some special connection to the invaders.  We saw last week that he hears sounds and doesn't get nosebleeds when everyone else does, after the invaders arrive on our planet.  This week he wanders off in a forest in upstate New York, and winds up in what seems to be a friendly couple's house in the woods.  There's got to be some connection between Luke, the friendly couple that welcomed him and later his family, and those invaders.

The British school kids Lord of the Flies story was also good.  We knew that Casper would get the better of the bully.  But it was fun to see him climb up those rocks out and inspire those other kids to do the same.  If one of the themes of this series are a few kids having some special connection to the invaders, the kid in England who had that would be Casper, though we've no direct evidence of that as yet.  But his noticing that the debris that made the bus go off the cliff had the name Tokyo on it -- and we know that came from the shuttle that was destroyed -- can't be a coincidence.  And the same for his drawings of beings from outer space.

Meanwhile, over in Tokyo, we don't see any progress in learning about the invaders, but Mitsuki going to see the father of the lover she lost in space is a promising development.  The father is an engineer who used to work for the Japanese Space Agency, and he'll no doubt play a role in helping them figure out what's happening to our planet.

Afghanistan had no connection in this episode to the invaders that I could see, other than Trevante seeing the destruction caused by their attack.  But that's ok.  We can't expect every sector to be firing on all cylinders in every episode.  I'm looking forward to more connections among the four places on Earth that are the loci of this story.

And I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode of Invasion and reporting back to you right here next week.

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