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Friday, December 10, 2021

Invasion Season One Finale: Peering Through the Opaque

There's much less talking and no real combat in the Invasion Season One finale up on Apple TV+ today (yes, there will be a second season, the series was renewed two days ago).  Our main characters all over the world, still in various stages of profound shock, after what happened last week, struggle to understand what's going on.  Much like us, the viewers, on our other side of the screen.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

As I said last week, the Earthly victory felt too easy.  We knocked all the interstellar invaders with just one shot, however powerful?  Not very likely, not likely at all.

And, of course, as our point of view characters on Earth begin to come to -- that is, come to the edges of an understanding -- we find that the invaders are indeed not gone.  Some begin to glimmer and pulse back to life.  Or maybe they were never dead.  And/or maybe there are other more powerful invaders pulling their strings.

The ruptured human relationships are to some extent repaired.  Not completely.  And Trevante and the love of his life see that glimmering interstellar ship coming down, landing, in the water off the beach. Just as Heinlein intended.  It's a beautiful last scene.  What does it mean?  What do the beings in that ship want of us, of Earth?

Like all good finales that don't finally conclude a story, it's too soon to tell.  There's certainly an intelligence in that shimmering ship that we haven't seen before.  As I said early on in my reviews of this series, obviously it took some kind of massive, extraordinary intelligence to get any species out of outer space onto to this Earth.  So that glimmering ship, which looks like something from a place we've never been, just as it should,  should be no surprise.

But for all its translucence, its intentions remain opaque.  In the second season, perhaps those intentions will become more clear.  But I have a feeling that we're just at the beginning of an impossible long-form Haiku poem that has no ending.  Good.  More episodes to watch.

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