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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Invasion 1.5: The Little Creepy Crawly Thing

I thought the single most impressive thing in Invasion 1.5, up on Apple TV+ yesterday, was that little creepy crawly thing Aneesha took out of the guy on that operating table.  That saved his life, the other doctor told her.  And taking it out likely did.  But of far greater long-range consequence is that crawly thing is evidence of interstellar life.  Whether it's an offspring  of the invaders, or some kind of parasite planted in the poor guy on the table ... well, that's very significant indeed, with lots of story to tell there.

Meanwhile, across the globe, Mitsuki's making some real progress.  Her former boss at JASA -- she was fired -- turns out to be a decent human being, and he gives her run of the place.  The combination of her smarts and the high-tech should help her find out what those sounds that are now being picked up from the destroyed space shuttle mean.   A nice bonus would be if she indeed finds her lover somehow still alive.

The U.S. President's speech did tie all four theaters together, as I hoped something would, last week, and that was good to see.  The content, though, was obvious, and nothing special. Also, as I told an interviewer back on an episode of Ancient Aliens back in 2010 (at 1 min 23 sec into the clip), it doesn't and shouldn't really matter what our leaders tell us when we're visited by extraterrestrials -- it's a whole new ballgame once that happens, and in a democracy, no President was ever really elected to deal with invaders from outer space.

Trevante in Afghanistan was a little more interesting than his segment last week, and the conversation with his wife provided a good segue into the Presidential address.  Over in England, nothing of any great consequence happened, but as I said last week, three out of four segments performing well is fine with me, especially when two of them are especially strong.

See you here next week with my review of the next episode.

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