Monday, July 12, 2010

The Closer 6.1: The New Building

The Closer was back for its 6th season tonight, sporting a new building, a surprise promotion at the end, but the same delightful mix of suspense and humor that has characterized the five seasons of The Closer preceding.

My favorite line, as it often does, came from Provenza. He says thank you, Dr. Sagan, as Tao displays his erudition about the stars in the sky. Some good guest stars in this episode as well, especially Currie Graham, whom we last saw as DA Balco in the short-lived but excellent Raising the Bar.

But the brightest star, as always, was Kyra Sedgwick, in fine form and Southern accent as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, this time applying her customarily razor sharp logic against the backdrop of a new building she and the team would rather not have been moved into.

And the surprise? Well, let's just say someone with the name of Pope deserves a lot more power...

And, on the subject of power, here's an article in The Christian Science Monitor today about the impact of The Closer on television - in which I'm quoted.

5-min podcast review of The Closer

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The Plot to Save Socrates

"challenging fun" - Entertainment Weekly

"a Da Vinci-esque thriller" - New York Daily News

"Sierra Waters is sexy as hell" - curled up with a good book
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