Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mad Men 4.1: Chicken Kiev, Lethal Interview, Ham Fight

Mad Men returned in fine form for its 4th season on AMC tonight.  The time is Thanksgiving 1964 - about a year after last season ended.  We know this because Don's date (see below) spoke about how grieved she was about Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney's deaths - three civil rights workers from the North murdered in the South in June 1964.   Don's date takes place as he and the main characters prepare in various ways for the upcoming November holiday.

Among the highlights -
  • Roger talks Don into the above-mentioned date with a hot blonde friend of Jane's, extolling the Chicken Kiev in the restaurant Don takes her to, which they do order.   One of Roger's typically good lines tonight, to Don:  "They have Chicken Kiev - butter squirts everywhere."   Don doesn't get quite that far, though.
  • Elsewhere, Don incurs his colleague's disapproval (with the exception of Peggy) when he is interviewed by a reporter from Advertising Age about who he really is, and tells the reporter nothing.  (Reminds me of the complaining title of an interview I read years ago with Don McLean of "American Pie": "The Day the Interview Died".)   A client irritated at not being mentioned in the published interview - I don't blame the client one bit - leaves Don's new firm, thus igniting just about everyone's ire.   Don learns his lesson, however, and we see him conducting a responsive (and responsible) interview with the Wall Street Journal at the end of the episode.   Don of all people should have known better the first time - but Don of all people has an understandable resistance to telling the press who Don Draper is...
  • Peggy gets Don annoyed at her nonetheless, by staging a stunt involving two women fighting over a client's sweet ham.  The media attention makes the client happy, but aggravates Don, who, as we know, can be strangely strait-laced at times.
  • But Don is justifiably tough with Betty, who is spending Thanksgiving with the two kids, Henry, and Henry's mother.   The old battle-axe - that is, Henry's mother - gets off a good line to Henry about Betty and her situation, asking her son why he would be "living in that man's [Don's] dirt".
In other words, a good, seething, simmering, spicy 4th season premier, which, if the coming attractions are any indication, point to a lot more to come.

5-min podcast review of Mad Men

PS - And here's a taste of the Nashville Teens' 1964 Tobacco Road, which ended out the episode.  It describes Don's life to a tee, doesn't it ....

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