Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Closer 6.2: Fun Bumps

A good who-done-it on The Closer 6.2 last night, with two likely suspects, each played by an actor with arrogant vibes (Titus Welliver of recent Lost and much more, D. W. Moffat of Friday Night Lights), but the real killer is a guy who seems perfectly nice and indeed works for Immigration (Department of Homeland Security).

The killer in fact comes this close to killing Brenda Leigh, which of course gets Fritz, who manages to kill the killer just in time, about as upset as we've seen him. Nothing keeps Brenda Leigh from closing a case, including shouts from her team to move back, out of the killer's gun range.

Captain Raydor (Mary McDonnell) was also back in the show, charmingly getting in Brenda's way as Raydor tags along for the evaluation she's doing. Brenda figures she's being evaluated as part of Pope's likely ascension to Chief of Police, but the ending has another little bombshell: Raydor's evaluating Brenda because Raydor thinks Brenda would make a good Chief, and she urges Brenda to submit an application.

Pope would likely go crazy were Brenda to get the job instead of him, and I'm thinking we might see Raydor herself end up in this top position. Whichever way this goes, there should be some fun bumps ahead.

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