Sunday, July 18, 2010

True Blood 3.5: Square, Love, Crown, Power

Bill's "too square to deal V," according to the King's man, Talbot, in True Blood 3.5. This is no doubt true, but Bill's devotion to Sookie drives him to deal swift blows to the worst of the werewolves in the King's employ, and the King's vampire muscle, too, as Bill rushes off to warn the love of his life-in-death. Too late.

Meanwhile, Mott and Tara, and Eric, have all arrived at the King's sumptuous quarters. Mott seems truly fangs over heels in love with Tara, trying to impress her in any way he can, including texting at super-fast vampiric speed, which for some reason struck me as the coolest move of the night. (Well, hey, I'm author of New New Media.) Tara may actually like some of this, but when Mott tells her in his joy that he wants to turn her this night, so they can live together forever, she's truly horrified.

Talbot gives Eric a tour of the grand house, and, on the King's instructions, shows him "everything," including the crown of Eric's Viking father that werewolves under a vampire's command killed lo those centuries ago. So now the King will be the object of Eric's vengeance - but why does the King now want that to happen?

The King's in fine form tonight, delivering some good lines not at all inscrutable. My favorite is his denunciation of the magister as a relic from the Middle Ages, and the King's savvy observation that the magister only gets his powers from the recognition that powerful vampires like the King give him.   A universal truth about all security and law enforcement - no police or military is above the power of the King or highest political authority.

The other question - apparently have nothing to do with the King - is who and what is the nymphic blonde who's now in Jason's arms? Some exotic, ethereal waif we haven't seen before, or ... ?

But back to the King - who dominated the episode tonight, and in fact just about every scene he's in - he winds up with his bad guys (werewolf and vampire) in Sookie's room, before she's had a chance to heed Bill's warning. And the King's thrilled when he sees a flash of Sookie's deepest energy.

She's apparently got something even this King has never seen, or not seen much of.

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