Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lie to Me 2.15: Melissa George and Shawn Ryan

A saucy, Shawn Ryan influenced episode 2.15 of Lie to Me on Fox this past Monday - saucy because Clara (Melissa George) was back on the show, and Ryanesque because it featured corrupt cops, willing to kill, or some of what see saw so effectively on Shawn Ryan's masterpiece, The Shield.

Clara has hired Lightman to teach her something about reading faces, and before the night is over, she not only has accompanied Lightman on this case, but become majority owner of the Lightman Group.  This is good, because the Group has been struggling financially, and just about anything that gets Melissa George on the screen is good.

Meanwhile, the case at hand at first hinges on Lightman reading the emotions - via eye dilations - of a mortally wounded, paraplegic police officer.  This had one of the tenderest scenes on the series, as Lightman realizes from the eye dilations that the officer doesn't have much longer to live.  Lightman can be abrasive, and usually is, but here he comes across as a real human being.

The officer was shot by a group of vigilante cops, who also make the mistake of detaining Lightman's daughter, as a way of dissuading Lightman from the case.   Doing this to Emily of course has just the reverse result, and it's great to see Lightman, furious as a father, channel this into an even more effective nabbing of these bad apples.

Lie to Me continues to be a top-notch show, better this season than last.  Shawn Ryan left the show at the end of the current second season, but it's good to know that Lie to Me will be back for at least a third.

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