Monday, July 26, 2010

True Blood 3.6: True Life and Death

Alliances and relationships continue to be pulled to their limits and beyond on True Blood 3.6.  Among the bloody highlights -
  • Tara bashes Mott's head in with a medieval mace, after she wins his confidence by feigning her passion for him and his blood.   Hard to say if he's really dead, though.  I'm not 100% clear on the immorality of living dead vampires.   If they're blown to bits by a bomb, would their flesh somehow come back together?   If their brains are pulverized by some weapon, can they survive and "live" again?
  • On the subject of vampiric true death, Bill's just about there.  The king has sentenced him to truly die, and ordered Lorena to slowly do the deed.  Sookie arrives after Bill has lost a lot of blood, and has been feasted on by two werewolves, but he's still alive.
  • Speaking of eating, I was wondering why Jessica is so hungry - craving human blood - when she could easily have a bottle of True Blood, especially in Merlotte's.  (Over on IMDB's True Blood board, Tooncesaaa just reminded me that last season Jessica said True Blood "tastes like ass" - great the way the Web provides almost instant answers!)
  • And speaking of Merlotte's, it was good to see Lafayette and a guy together there, but sad to see the guy get so upset about Lafayette's drug dealing.
As I've said many times, the course of true anything does not run smooth in True Blood - be it love, death, or blood.

5-min podcast review of True Blood

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