Monday, July 12, 2010

True Blood 3.4: Running Hot, Winning Names

Some great lines and good scenes in True Blood 3.4 on HBO last night.   My favorite line came in a minor part of the story, when Jason sees a young hot-shot high school quarterback in Merlotte's.   Jason learns his name is Kitch Maynard.  Jason shakes his head, "that's a fucking winning name".  Then, in a scene that could have come straight out of Friday Night Lights - that's a big compliment - Jason tells Kitch that in not too many years, Kitch will come into Merlotte's and find himself in Jason's place, looking at a brash new kid on the quarterback block.  The eternal cycle of fleeting fame.

The big plot turn last night was Bill breaking up with Sookie, over the phone, no less.  Of course, we can see in his face at the end of the conversation that he's doing this to protect Sookie, but it's still a pretty powerful moment.   It leads to Sookie putting her head on Alcied's chest, and observing how hot he feels.   Werewolves run hot, he replies, and he does say her name in a way slightly evocative of the way Bill says it.

The word "fuck" was very much in the air on this episode.   Bill says of Lorena, when he's breaking up with Sookie, that "we fucked like only vampires can".   Sookie tells him to "shut the fuck up" when he first says he wants to end their relationship.   And there's that "fucking winning  name" that I mentioned above.

Not much of the actual act, though.   There's a fine scene in which Eric imagines it almost happening with Sookie, but that's just a dream (for now).   Mott's doing plenty to Tara, but that's mostly off-screen.   And some wild hot stuff is just about to happen in the were-bar.

Speaking of Eric, in the other big plot move, he pins his V-trade on Bill.   The Magister has put Eric in a position of either confessing or betraying his Queen, both of which are unacceptable.   (We learn earlier that the Queen has resorted to selling V because  IRS taxes have depleted her resources - vampires and Tea Partiers have common cause .... )  I can't quite see Eric going along with this deception too long, though.

And Bill continues doing badder things than in the last two seasons.  The episode concludes with Bill, Lorena, and the King feasting on a lap dancer that Bill "procured".  The course of True Blood never did run smooth.

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