Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lie to Me 2.17: 'Poling on the Campain Trail'

That was probably the best line on Lie to Me 2.17 - "poling on the campaign trail" - spoken by Lightman about the governor's assistant's extra-curricular activities.  The next best line, "bullet bump," was also the title of the episode, and gets at the advantage an unsuccessful assassination attempt can give to a political campaign for reelection.

Unfortunately, one of the campaign workers - an attractive young woman - was indeed killed with the shot that missed the governor, and Lightman and company soon realize that she was in fact the target all along.  Was the Governor having an affair with her?  His expression when he denies this to Lightman occasions a fine facial collage, ranging from Eliot Spitzer to Bill Clinton. Toss in Clara as one of the governor's big financial supporters, and you have another good Lie to Me firing on all cylinders.

Lightman's still flying with the punches and anger directed at any adult with any interest in his daughter, except this time the recipient was Locker, who gets kissed by Emily, not because he invited that.  Lightman apologies to Loker and the end of the show, and offers him pineapple ice cream, but all in all Lightman comes out in this a not very appealing figure, and he deserves the punch that Emily gives him.

To Lightman's credit, he does manage to finally sleep with Clara - yeah, I consider that a plus - before he pressures her into giving Lightman Associates totally back to him.  This certainly makes Gillian happy, but I'm going to miss Clara.

Lie to Me continues to be one of the best series of the summer.   The opening credits are still among the very best in all of television.

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