Monday, December 6, 2010

The Closer 6.11: Andy Flynn

The Closer is back in business - with episode 6.11 - a story that starts off with what happens to Lt. Andy Flynn.

He's knifed after leaving an AAA meeting, and soon turns into a suspect as well as a victim.  Well, not a suspect in anyone's else eyes except Captain Raydor's, and she doesn't really believe it, either.   Not to mention she's about the nicest she's ever been to Brenda and her team.  But there's still an allegation that Flynn tampered with a witness, which is in some way tied to the attempt on his life, and has to be cleared.

Fortunately, Brenda's investigation both nabs the bad guy and clears Flynn.  And we're treated to the same unique, delightful mix of crime drama and humor that has always commended this series.  The humor is often directed against Brenda, and tonight I thought the best line came from the bad guy Brenda's interrogating, when he asks her, "Has anyone ever explained to you the concept of ineffective repetition?"  But, of course, that's precisely what usually gets the perp to confess, sooner or later, one way or another, as it does tonight.

At the end of last summer, Brenda learned she was not getting the Chief of Police job which she really didn't want.  Tonight, Fritz - and Raydor by her niceness - tell Brenda she may be in line for another executive position - Pope's Assistant Chief job.   If I recall what happened in the summer, Pope indicated he would probably leave after being passed over in an early round for the Chief of Police position.

Brenda's made it clear that she loves exactly what she's doing - Deputy Chief of the Major Crimes Division, with precisely the team of lovable, tough-detecting characters she now has.   But as Fritz points out, how would Brenda feel working for a Pope replacement that she couldn't wrap around her finger?

Interesting, fun times ahead on The Closer.

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