Friday, December 24, 2010

Unseen Caprica: A Review of the Rest and the Best

Well, the rest of Caprica - also by far the best - has been unseen on the SyFy Channel in America, in any case.  It was shown on the Space channel in Canada, will be broadcast on SyFy shortly after New Year's,  and I just saw it on DVD via Netflix.   And, as I just said, the last few episodes are the best in the series.

The multiple plots, which made the series a bit scattered in the beginning, all weave and come together beautifully in the end, in a powerful mesh of multiple chess games reminiscent of Dune, high praise in my book.  I'm talking about the Greystones and Zoe, Clarice and the Monads, the Gemenon denizens, the Cylons, the Taurons, not to mention the police on Caprica.

There are surprises - I especially was taken with what happens with Will Adama - heart-in-your-mouth close calls, and all kinds of fast action.   The future that we saw in our past in Battlestar Galactica is amply set up, with angels, skin jobs, and even a mention of Dr. Cottle (who must be a young version of Cottle from Galactica - a newly minted doctor).

The one shame of all this is that we likely won't ever have the pleasure of seeing how this all played out and came to be.  Instead, we're treated to a quick epilogue which is a lot better than nothing, but nowhere nearly as good as another season or two.

But Ron Moore and company can hold their heads up high.  The produced a compelling, highly intelligent science fiction story, which our future will say both works beautifully on its own and rolls towards the Battlestar Galactica future most memorably.

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