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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bones 6.8: Melted Bones

Melted bones are what Bones and Booth and team were tasked with explaining tonight in episode 6.8 - or, the murder that led to bones being in the physically impossible condition.  And melting is what almost happened tonight to Bones, too.

The detective story was one of the better ones on Bones.  Lots of candidates for killer.   The hot high school teacher having an affair with one of her students (shades of Law and Order's "ripped right from the headlines"), the said student, and a few more.   But the real killer, introduced early, was something of a surprise.

Good side story, too, with Miss Daisy driving Lance to help her to the point of cheating on her crucial psych evaluation.  Lance commendably resists, for the most part.

But the most important story, as always, is Bones and Booth.  Bones had the best line on the show, in my opinion, recalling that "I was once put in detention for calling my science teacher a fool" - you gotta love that - but the most moving moment came on Bones' face, first in the car with Booth, then at the table with Booth, Hannah, and Parker at the end.   As Booth exudes love and delight for Hannah, Bones is finally beginning to realize what she lost.   We're on the verge of emotional dynamite.

That will come to a head next week,  as indicated in the powerful coming attractions.   It can't be that easy that Booth will just take her in his arms, tell Bones he loves her, and then break the bad news to Hannah.   But I'm believing that that's indeed what will happen eventually and inevitably.  It's just a matter of time - the only question being, how long?

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