Thursday, December 16, 2010

NCIS 8.10: DiNozzo, Out and In

Imagine an NCIS with a serious, straight-laced, by the book DiNozzo - no practical jokes, no delighted eye for the ladies, and (most egregiously, in my view) no quick connection of a case at hand to a great scene in a movie.   Well, NCIS 8.10 gave us just such a draconian scenario, as DiNozzo turns over a new, mature leaf, and it wasn't much fun, right?

Well, not quite.  It was great fun seeing McGee try to finish DiNozzo's analyses of the case with a movie reference, Ziva being concerned about the new DiNozzo, and even Gibbs wondering what's going on.  It takes Ziva to snap DiNozzo out of it, telling him his quintessential essence is class clown, and the team loves him for it.   The episode ends with a reassuring DiNozzo prank.

The other good humor in this holiday season episode is Abby doing a great turkey dance - I'd like to see her on Dancing with the Stars - and the case was pretty good too, featuring Annie Wersching, last seen on 24.

Meanwhile, while all this good stuff was going on on entertainment television, the news in New York brought the report that the bodies of four women were found washed up or buried on the shore.   I couldn't help thinking - what would be the best investigative team on television to take over this case?   Criminal Minds would be the obvious, excellent choice.   But the bodies were on the shore, and that could mean some Navy involvement, so ... hey, I'll take Criminal Minds and NCIS both!

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