Saturday, December 4, 2010

In Treatment 3.5.1: "I would keep him In Treatment"

This is Paul's response to Julia about what Paul should do about Sunil, whose responses to Julia are now violent and on the edge of getting much worse.  "I would keep him in treatment," Paul says.   And although we can see the value of this in episode 3.5.1, it does seem like the response every therapist would give to his or her patient (I say this purely as a reviewer of television).

Sunil's fantasies about hurting Julia are putting Paul in a major dilemma.   Should he call the police, when Sunhil asks Paul to keep a cricket bat in his possession, lest Sunil use it on Julia.  That act - Paul's calling the police - would certainly strain or shatter his relationship with Sunhil - but can Paul live with Julia's blood on his hands?   And on the other hand, Julia is pulling the plug - funding - on Sunil's therapy.   Sunhil seems unwilling to accept Paul's pro bono offer.  So one way or another, the therapy seems unlikely to continue.  Not to mention that the next is the finale of this superb but short season.

Sunil also is distorting, motivating, heightening - take your pick - Paul's relationship as patient with Adele.  She calls him at 7:30 in the morning - to talk about Sunhil, she later tells Paul.  But we all know there's another relationship swirling around this - Paul's feelings for Adele, and possibly/likely her feelings for him.

Later, when the two try to talk about at least Paul's feelings, Paul's words are interrupted by Adele's ringing phone.   The mood is broken, the moment lost, at least for this thirty minutes.

I doubt they'll be any interruptions in any of the four final Season 3 episodes next week.

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