Saturday, December 18, 2010

Twice Upon a Rhyme playing in its entirety on Way Off the Grid Radio

Starting at 2pm Eastern today (December 18, 2010),  repeated tonight at 10pm Eastern, and every afternoon and evening between now and January 1, 2011, Twice Upon a Rhyme will be playing in its entirety - all 13 tracks - on Way Off the Grid Radio.

You'll be able to hear the whole album totally FREE.   You'll also have the option of VIP membership on the radio station - improved audio quality, no commercials, and other perks.  This is more airplay than Twice Upon a Rhyme ever received since its original release in 1972 on HappySad Records, and since its release in remastered vinyl by Whiplash/Sound of Salvation Records last week.


And if you'd like to hear a track or two from the album any other time, try these other radio stations - JackMix.FM ... RockOn365 ... Garage Lombus ... ... mjc Radio ... Progulus Radio ... fatBuzz - or check out my MySpace music page.
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