Sunday, December 19, 2010

Californication Season 4: Sneak Preview Review (No Big Spoilers)

So I've watched about half of the new season (4) of Californication - courtesy of  a Showtime screener. I'll be watching the rest tonight, but thought I check in here first were a few tantalizing tidbits about what I've seen (no real spoilers, but if you don't want to know anything at all about this fine new season, don't read on).

First, I'm enjoying Season 4 more than Season 3.   Hank is tougher, leaner, meaner than he was in the last season - comes, I guess, of being in jail rather than a classroom (but not to worry, he's not in prison that long, and still gets plenty).   And the issues that Hank must navigate and struggle with are much more life and death.

Here are some nuggets -
  • Mia plays a major role.   So does an actress that looks a lot like her.  I'll leave it to you to pick whom Hank sleeps with.
  • There's hope for Charlie and Marcy - a least, a little - and the key is it's more than psychological.
  • There's a hot lawyer.
  • Hank's writing again.
  • Hank throws more punches than in any other season, some of them to cops.
  • There's a movie in the making - making this season of Californication reminiscent in good ways of Entourage.
  • I was laughing out loud over a scene with Runkle and a monkey - one of the funniest scenes I've ever seen on television.
The premiere of the new season is January 9 - you'll love it!

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