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Monday, April 9, 2012

Game of Thrones 2.2: Cersei vs. Tyrion

The best part of Game of Thrones 2.2 last night was the brother-sister conversation/confrontation between Tyrion and Cersei.   Tyrion knows and gets everything Cersei has been up to - he even thinks she gave the order to kill all of Robert's bastards, and is mildly surprised to find that it was Joffrey's idea and he who gave the order.

Cersei usually outwits and outplays in the game of the thrones just about everyone - not only Little Finger, as we saw last week, and of course Robert last year, but even Eddard Stark, as we also saw last year.   Cersei is prone to kill anyone who knows her and Jamie's secret - anyone likely to really do something about it - and this was the reason that Eddard had to die, risky and provocative of bloodshed and war as that was.

Tryrion, the one person other than Jamie who knows this but is in no real danger from Cersei, sees things differently.  He would not have killed Ned, and wants to return his bones to his family as a gesture of respect and civility.  He's not in favor of slaying the bastards.  Having been to the northern wall, he also realizes what lies behind is a real danger - scoffed at by Cersei.

I haven't read the books beyond the first volume, so I'm predicting just based on what we now know, but it's becoming ever more clear that the imp has the greatest survival chances of not only of his family, but of most all the families in Game of Thrones.  He's certainly one of the most appealing characters.  As just a small example of his survival quotient, he dismisses the Captain of the Guards who follows Joffrey's orders and replaces him with his own man.   Tyrion can do this as the Hand.

The Queen is stronger than the Hand in terms of formal power, but not necessarily with Tyrion as the Hand.   Meanwhile, in other doings, Arya has some expected difficulties in her feigning young malehood, Snow's in trouble with that uber-polygamous creep with many wives-daughter, and Greyjoy really enjoys a close ride on horse with his sister, before he finds out that she's his sister.  An incestuous bunch, these gamers of thrones.   Still not much doing with the dragons - but they're like sleeping giants who will soon arise.

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