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Monday, April 2, 2012

House 8.15: Fake Out

I've watched a lot of television, and I'm usually not taken in by deceptive advertising - but I have to admit I was tonight, regarding House 8.15, and I liked it.

All week and longer we've seen ads for the final 8 episodes of House, and tonight's in particular, telling us that House himself would have a life-and-death crisis - that is, a crisis about House's health, and his own life and death.

And, sure enough, we find that House may have a deteriorating liver, the result of his constant vicodin intact.  Of the team, only Chase doubts it - and thinks House may be testing the team, trying to ferret out who would be rat, the most likely to tell Foreman about House's condition.  But tests confirm that House's liver is amiss, and Chase, as well as Wilson, all come to  believe that House is in serious physical peril.

I was thinking - I wish the ads for the show hadn't given this away - would've been nice to really wonder if House was really sick or putting his team to the test.   But, hey, that's the way with show promotions, they often spill the beans.  So House was really sick, and -

Guess what - it turns out he isn't, and not only did House fool his team, but the show's promos fooled me, and made the show much more interesting by lying to us.

I wonder what the next seven episodes have in store us.  Maybe House will get sick for real - vicodin is vicodin.   Or - no, I won't get fooled again.  Or maybe I will, and enjoy it ....  Good to see that House still has some punches.

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