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Monday, April 9, 2012

Mad Men 5.4: Volunteer, Dream, Trust

Three fine stories in Mad Men 5.4 tonight -

Greg's back home on leave from Vietnam.  I wrote a few weeks ago that I didn't see much of a future for Joan and him - an obvious point, because she and Roger belong together - but I was thinking Greg just wouldn't come home.  Tonight provided a better solution:  Greg comes home, but soon tells Joan that he's volunteered for another tour in Vietnam.  Joan tells him to leave and never come back.  She and her baby - which is Roger's - will be better off without Greg, even if Joan and Roger don't get together, which I expect they will.

Meanwhile, Don has a bad cold with cough, and runs into an old flame in the office elevator with Megan.  Not clear how old the flame is - did they sleep together before or after Don married Megan?  Don tells Megan it was before, but with Don you never know.   He eventually goes home to sleep the cold off, but the flame shows up at his door.  He says go away but lets her in, they sleep together, and when she comes back for another round, Don strangles her to death.  Not to worry, it's just a dream (pretty clear that it was, especially with the strangling).   Does this dream symbolize that Don has throttled his extra-marital proclivities?  Probably not - but it was a good dream.

And the third good story has Peggy offering her couch to Dawn for the night.   Peggy has qualms that Dawn may steal money from Peggy's pocketbook, but Peggy stops short of saying anything to Dawn.  Morning comes, Dawn is gone, and the pocketbook is on the table with a note of thanks to Peggy.  Her trust was justified.   It was one of most uplifting moments of the series, in a series with otherwise few uplifting moments.

One story which was not at all uplifting, and more in line with Mad Men's typical ambiance, is the current event de jour for the episode:  Richard Speck's torture, rape, and murder of eight student nurses in Chicago in July 1966.  Women ranging from Peggy and Megan in the office to Henry's mother at home are more fascinated, even titillated,  than horrified by the story, especially the crime-scene naked photos brought into the office.  Was that an accurate portrayal of women at the beginning of the sexual and feminist revolutions?  Dunno - I wasn't in any comparable office at the time.

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