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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mad Men 5.6: LSD Orange

Mad Men 5.6 ... LSD, break-up shake-ups, diced-up sequences out of time, and anachronisms galore ...

Focus groups in 1966?  I don't think so.   Intimate encounters with total strangers in movie theaters?  Always possible, not very frequent. LSD parties?  I guess so, possibly, technically yeah, but not very likely.

Was that Timothy Leary at that little party with Roger and Jane?  I dunno, maybe, or maybe Roger was just addressing Leary in the abstract.

It was that kind of episode.  It was sad and good to see Roger and Jane break up, courtesy of their acid trip (and now the path is more open to Joan).  It was not so good and also sad to see Don and Megan at such odds, and Megan's statement that every time they fight like that, it takes a little of their love away, did ring true for them.

Peggy's been a wild card, since the very first episode of the series, when she slept with Pete.   She was that way tonight, drunk and stoned in the movie house, after she runs into more trouble with client Heinz.   "Beans, beans, the magic fruit  ..."

So, I don't know, it's like David Cronenberg or Lynch directed this episode, or maybe Tarantino.  Did it work for Mad Men?  Well, the orange Howard Johnson certainly did, and I don't blame Megan one bit for for not liking the orange sherbert, it had artificial written all over it, and that worked just right, too.

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Unknown said...

Yay! I love that they're showing LSD trips on such a popular TV show. We need some positive press.

diorentein said...

i like this site, ,it's really giving news and information. .

Unknown said...

My mother took LSD in the '60s. Yes, I know, but I was already born at that point. Before Dr. Leary, many physicians were "experimenting" with LSD as a cure for migraines. Bad news: The doctor didn't tell my mother what he was giving her. Good news: the migraine went away.