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Monday, April 23, 2012

Bones 7.10: Mobile

Bones 7.10 ends with a mobile above Christine.  Bits and pieces of Bones and Booth and Parker's lives sparkling, dangling, slowing spinning in air.   Christine's smiling her great baby smile.  It's another happy ending.  The mobile was made by Parker.

It looked like a bad case of sibling rivalry.  Parker lying, Bones finding cut-up pictures in Parker's closet.   Sweets confirmed it (that makes it at least 50/50 not likely to be correct).  Bones tells Booth he must speak to Parker, and Booth says they both should.  That in itself is a happy development, on the way to the happy ending.

And so the family, once on the peripheries, is coming back together.  I was wondering when we'd see Christine introduced to Parker.   Bones' brother and father, and Booth's brother and grandfather have yet to make the introduction.  But the universe is starting to coalesce, in a greater, extended form.

Meanwhile, on the science side, in the tiny part of the world, a little worm holds an internal key to the case.  Hodgins does an autopsy on the worm.  The results help track down the killer's location, as well justify Hodgins' big expenditure on cool equipment.   Cam doesn't like the expense, and in a neat closing of a potential plot loophole, Hodgins reveals that the Jeffersonian doesn't allow personal expenditures on equipment (Hodgins is incredibly wealthy).   So he has no choice but to demo the equipment's mettle.

Bones started with a big bang some years ago, the center not holding, people and relationships flying out in all directions.  It was exciting.  But now it's all coming back together, in a nucleus of a new family.   With just about every other relationship in every other television show in some kind of disrupting crisis, the mobile revolving ever closer to the center on Bones is just the thing.

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